Who We Are

Limitless has a mission to equip young New Zealanders with the awareness, confidence and opportunities to pursue and excel in work they are passionate about. We'll each work 80,000 hours throughout our lives. What if we could empower every young New Zealander to spend that time doing work they are passionate about?

Our Program

Element 1: Our Limitless Conference for Year 10 students. This includes talks from speakers who do work they're passionate about, engaging workshops, specially curated film content and interactive activities. The aim of the conference is to empower students to hold greater confidence & awareness in their unique strengths, values and passions - understanding more of who they are and what they bring, and how this may translate to work with purpose that addresses some of the most significant challenges our communities and world face.

Element 2: Our unique online portal that connects students post-conference with opportunities for mentoring, work experience, volunteering and more through a collaborative platform. The aim of the online portal is to create connections between students and relevant opportunities that exist for them

Element 3: We are currently working on the prototype pilot for a Year 11 refresher day that will be available to young people who previously attended our program in Year 10, in order to revisit the concepts we talk about, and support them in applying at a new stage of their school career with new challenges and opportunities at their disposal.

None of this would be possible without our amazing sponsors, supporters and the individuals who give their time and expertise, to make our collective vision, a reality. We love that we're able to work with young people and various people who have researched, delivered and grown programs and pedagogy around the topics we talk about - to continue to direct the developments and improvements made to what we do.


Passion: We are passionate about what we do. We exemplify passion & encourage others to find theirs.

Purpose: We do everything with a purpose, and our purpose is to empower.

Empowerment: We believe in empowering people. We believe that when every young person is empowered to reach their full potential, we will see generational change.

Optimism: We believe the future is bright, and young people are our future. We face every challenge with optimism.

Responsibility: We are aware that every action we take affects others. We are responsible to uplift and respect others with every word and action.

Our Board

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April McLennan

Founder and Chairperson

April founded Limitless in early 2016, after finishing high school in 2015, and having taken part in a social enterprise accelerator. In mid 2016, she was selected as one of 3 New Zealand delegates to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California. Prior to starting Limitless, April gained experience organizing events for various causes. April now works full time on growing and developing Limitless.

Wayne 16056855d7c10715c3ecf6df33d7e6066e1db1ddf71048d50500e02454001423

Wayne Vargis

Limitless Trustee

Working for Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu as a Senior Strategy Advisor, Wayne provides strategic advice to the executive leadership of Ngai Tahu on health, social and economic matters. Previously, Wayne held the position of National Business Development Manager for Barnardos New Zealand. He currently sits on the National Strategic Advisory Group to grow social enterprise and investment in New Zealand.

Brent 2520d803999f8a6caad96d28268a7404966c70aa64fd4082145067301aeae253

Brent Hefford

Limitless Trustee

Brent has over 20 years of experience in financial services, specialising in people leadership, retail banking, lending, and business banking. Currently in the role of Regional Manager Retail Distribution for lower half of South Island for Kiwibank, Brent has held a various positions across a number of New Zealand banks, and enjoys seeing people thrive and develop to be successful.

Cheryl 7df8d4a64ccc2ee911d65191ef0e74b87f15d0244e9945325b7f850c331e9b6f

Dr Cheryl Doig

Limitless Trustee

Founder and CEO of Think Beyond, Cheryl Doig is a leadership futurist, following exponential technologies and organisational changes and making sense of these for leaders. She is a proactivist who acts for change rather than just talking about it. Cheryl is the Chairperson of the New Zealand Brain Institute and Haeata Community Campus, and has a number of governance roles.

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Limitless Conference 2018

In August 2018, we held our fourth Year 10 Limitless Conference with 230 students attending from 18 different schools around Canterbury. This year, we ran the program over the span of three days in comparison to our past two days, with 6 speakers and 6 break-out workshops. The three days providing the opportunity to go into more extensive detail and depth with the content created for the students, which was exciting!

The Limitless Conference gave young people the opportunity to dive into what it means to understand your ​strengths​, values​ and p​assions - and how who you are and what you bring can connect to work with purpose that addresses the challenges we face as a global community.

As always, the Conference was made possible by the generosity of a fantastic group of people coming together and giving their time, talent and resources to make it all happen. Massive shout out to our sponsors and supporters, and the 90+ people that lent their support just on the days to make Limitless Conference 2018 all it was!

“This conference was amazing, and it really encouraged me in that I don’t have to be a specific mould to be a leader, and that I can use my own skills...Limitless encouraged me to see my strengths and use them to benefit others. Meeting other people who all have the potential to make such a difference in our world was really awesome too. Limitless conference was truly inspiring and I think it’s an opportunity we were all incredibly lucky to have! Thank you so much.” - Elisa, Middleton Grange School

For further information, contact April McLennan at ​april@limitless.org.nz

Past Speakers and Facilitators

Stephen a22ae52c4d886756ed0d51ee3a16bd860ea86e6eaea32952fa320d34393719e3

Stephen Henry

CEO, Kode Biotech Group

Hannah 20243992e091deffab44ba8ea25025269579b9a3db4bebc4d1b115b5de7432f1

Hannah Duder

CEO, indigo & iris

Jaye 0e563133941a11396fcc0c382ebcb0e80095e64c563f48984cab58f4e9c9fd2a

Jaye Pukepuke

Founding Director, Bros for Change

Sophie 3522875274559bb17600cf2b69fb2d39890d31520c6f4955e29a717456d5f028

Sophie Kennedy

Sustainability Engineer, Fulton Hogan

Grant 5edea384477e3696d61eec8ea66132d3acf832516ae6aedb099528c44604842d

Grant Ryan

Founding Coordinator, The Cacophony Project

Andrea 1bf8c5c0683c8a83e2132a10b5e1a89e48c0924d33b4f13180a9057d58c13a2c

Andrea Brewster

Strategy Development Manager, Girl Guiding NZ

Zion 0677a7e8550d744f2e43af23ea43c850ac03a014763cb7c3e9354dc4abc44ca8

Zion Tauamiti

Suicide Prevention, He Waka Tapu

Rochelle 430a56fb0fdee6fe3d0f665125c5f82cf0a4b75210495b333e6b42c499d90a5f

Rochelle Faimalo

Social Recovery Coordinator, Hurunui District Council

Emily 1bbba76375163bd0be32c3685dcdd2c1f6f71a1aeac406a98db0aa1c10614b61

Emily Muli


Chris df709b1881f405f83da955ec3de0f1eb5eeac365f53fc30076661791450a2d24

Chris Jupp

Youth Partner Manager, World Vision

Katie 31bee58027d87f535fa434cd68b0248da50e407c68b96647bc10b74d10054d9f

Katie Cowan

Founder/Director and Lawyer, Cowan Litigation

Dace b0268c69ed22ec81d5a9972f695a830e8bdc3495b08080340adbaad202193813

Dace Caldwell

Director of Corporate Finance, PWC

Chris b173558e75f1b085a8d93cc692e777271eb3c8a9a370cfb523c90880625d6057

Chris Mene

Director of Mene Solutions

Guy cd0069c511d6015b6cd269338fe800c89f6077a01087fb140af72034b37a725b

Guy Ryan

CEO/Founder, Inspiring Stories Trust and Young New Zealander of the Year 2015

Victoria c2f6098f6e65dee130fbdd168c632a370f0fef64d8c8223508e0541261ef4169

Dr Victoria Metcalf

National Coordinator, Participatory Science Platform

Eva c9c200b46e90405649fce76160cf98930f3f8599c21cfefdd6b9ed4973d66463

Eva Riddell

Programme Creator, Live the Dream & Independent Design Thinking consultant

Suggie 527c9c9fa022a1c6b028b08ae8dc1ba68d832b93647df66be39e2cea20b49e07

Seung-woo Hong (Suggie)

Filmmaker and Visual Storyteller

Merenia 54f2edb14c26e12e3c8ab8a2a175483335a7517baaba953826cc6ab7c4394ef2

Merenia Hudson

National Kaitiaki of Manawa Ahi

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2017 Conference

In 2017 we ran two Limitless conferences in August with the involvement of 360 students and 27 schools. This conference was built upon the input and feedback gathered from the 2016 programs, and incorporated a wider variety of speakers and workshops. This was also the first year we invited students from the broader Canterbury region.

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2016 Conference

In October 2016, the first full Limitless Conference was held at the La Vida Centre with 140 students from 20 schools coming together to participate. This 2 day conference, with the help of over 60 others, focused on strengths, values, wellbeing and goal-setting.

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In February of 2016, April and her team ran the first pilot of the Limitless event at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery school. The pilot consisted of 2 half-days that included 18 students, 3 workshops and 3 talks from speakers.

These are the organisations who make everything we do possible

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with thanks to the Department of Internal Affairs and Beacham Foundation

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