The 2016 Conference

Conf 1

On the 13th & 14th of October 2016, 140 students from 20 schools gathered at the La Vida Centre for the inaugural Limitless Conference.

The aim of the Limitless Conference was to equip students with confidence and awareness in their strengths, values and passions - and inspiration for how these can translate into a career of purpose. We also had a focus on wellbeing and goal setting integrated into the programme to build a solid foundation. The programme included speaker sessions, workshops and interactive activities. We also launched our video on careers with passion & purpose.

There were an incredible team of volunteers, speakers, workshop facilitators, activity facilitators, emcees - over 60 people all up - as well as and countless others along the way who generously gave their time and resources to make the Conference an awesome two days. These were all leaders and passionate people who wanted to share and inspire.

Some of the speakers and workshop facilitators were:


Emily Muli

Singer/Songwriter at Emily


Chris Jupp

Youth Partner Manager at World Vision


Katie Cowan

Founder/Director and Lawyer at Cowan Litigation


Dace Caldwell

Director of Corporate Finance at PWC


Chris Mene

Director of Mene Solutions


Guy Ryan

CEO/Founder Inspiring Stories Trust & Young New Zealander of the Year 2015


Dr Victoria Metcalf

National Coordinator, Participatory Science Platform


Eva Riddell

Programme Creator, Live the Dream & Independent Design Thinking consultant

Conf 2
Limitless opened my mind to my strengths and built a clearer understanding of my passion and what makes me stir and think

- Okirano

Amazing couple of days! Limitless sparked a bit of an epiphany as to how I want to live my life - with passion for what I do and to help others.


I arrived having no clue about what I was passionate about but left feeling confident that with all the tips and points I had heard during the two days, that I will be able to find a career where I will enjoy what I do. I also made a bunch of amazing new friends who share similar passions to me. I also really enjoyed reading through my top five for the Strengths Finder and unpacking them. I will definitely highly recommend Limitless Conference to others!!


Conf 3
Conf 4
I think we should be investing in our young people because it is our responsibility to help them realise the incredible capability and potential that they have for the betterment of the world! I enjoyed the way the young participants sparked off each other as insights and aspirations were being shared.

- Chris Mene- Director of Mene Solutions Ltd, workshop facilitator

I wanted to get involved in Limitless because I think it is exactly what many of my friends and myself needed to have when we were that age, to make sure we reached our potential, followed our passions and believed in our abilities. Investing in young people must be done now to ensure our future is bright.

- Hannah Duder - Co Founder of Little Yellow Bird, speaker

Burnside High School was fortunate to be involved in the first ever Limitless Conference and a number of our Year 10 students attended both days and gained a great deal from the experience. The programme was highly original and genuinely inspiring for young people. The range of speakers wasexcellent, as was the sheer number of activities to be involved in. Most impressive was the contact by the Conference organizer which continued long after itwas over, through the online portal that was specially set up and designed to make a real difference in the lives of our students. Burnside will definitely be supporting this venture in 2017.

- Richard Barnett, Associate Principal, Burnside High School

Conf 5

A massive thank you to our sponsors and partners for making this all possible!