The 2017 Conference

We ran two Limitless conferences in August - for students all throughout Canterbury and the West Coast. We had 360 students attend, and we were excited to work with 27 schools throughout the region, who brought students to the programme. Once again, the support to provide this programme was absolutely phenomenal. We'd love to say a massive thank you to all those who gave their time and talent to see Limitless conference come to life. The Limitless conference was adapted and developed based off what we learnt from our 2016 programmes, and input from various Limitless supporters and students. We are excited to continue growing and developing Limitless into 2018 and beyond.

A few of our amazing speakers, session leads and workshop facilitators were:

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Stephen Henry

CEO, Kode Biotech Group

Hannah 20243992e091deffab44ba8ea25025269579b9a3db4bebc4d1b115b5de7432f1

Hannah Duder

CEO, Indigo & Iris

Jaye 0e563133941a11396fcc0c382ebcb0e80095e64c563f48984cab58f4e9c9fd2a

Jaye Pukepuke

Founding Director, Bros for Change

Sophie 3522875274559bb17600cf2b69fb2d39890d31520c6f4955e29a717456d5f028

Sophie Kennedy

Sustainability Engineer, Fulton Hogan

Grant 5edea384477e3696d61eec8ea66132d3acf832516ae6aedb099528c44604842d

Grant Ryan

Founding Coordinator, The Cacophony Project

Andrea 1bf8c5c0683c8a83e2132a10b5e1a89e48c0924d33b4f13180a9057d58c13a2c

Andrea Brewster

Strategy Development Manager, Girl Guiding NZ

Zion 0677a7e8550d744f2e43af23ea43c850ac03a014763cb7c3e9354dc4abc44ca8

Zion Tauamiti

Suicide Prevention, He Waka Tapu

Rochelle 430a56fb0fdee6fe3d0f665125c5f82cf0a4b75210495b333e6b42c499d90a5f

Rochelle Faimalo

Social Recovery Coordinator, Hurunui District Council

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Limitless was life changing for our students, hosting engaging speakers that connected well with our tamariki and inspiring them to be the change they want to see in the world. It allowed them to connect withpeers their own age and challenge their assumptions on the world to move forward with vigour and passion. I would recommend Limitless to any group of students who are moving out into the world and attempting to engage with who they are as people.

- Jono Broom, Kaiarahi, Haeata Community Campus

Attending Limitless was such a unique and worthwhile opportunity. Across the two days I was confronted with a fresh perspective on strengths, passions, values and the courses our lives may follow. It gave me a clearer holistic view of who I can be instead of what I can do, but above all, I learnt that by building this self awareness, you have the power to not onlytransform your life, but the lives of the people around you

- E Wen

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Limitless Conference provided my students with a vibrant environment that inspired, challenged and encouraged them. The young people who attended came away buzzing with an understanding of their values, strengths and how they could use these to build their passion and purpose into careers that address the issues surrounding them. Seeing students interact with their peers across the region in such a meaningful way as they figured out more about themselves and others was so encouraging for me as a Dean of Year 10.

- Lydia Mills, Year 10 Dean, Craighead Diocesan School