The 2018 Conference

In August 2018, we held our fourth Year 10 Limitless Conference with 230 students attending from 18 different schools around Canterbury. This year, we ran the programme over the span of three days in comparison to our past two days, with 6 speakers and 6 break-out workshops. The three days providing the opportunity to go into more extensive detail and depth with the content created for the students, which was exciting!

The Limitless Conference gave young people the opportunity to dive into what it means to understand your ​strengths​, values​ and p​assions - and how who you are and what you bring can connect to work with purpose that addresses the challenges we face as a global community.

As always, the Conference was made possible by the generosity of a fantastic group of people coming together and giving their time, talent and resources to make it all happen. Massive shout out to our sponsors and supporters, and the 90+ people that lent their support just on the days to make Limitless Conference 2018 all it was!

2018 1
This conference was amazing, and it really encouraged me in that I don’t have to be a specific mould to be a leader, and that I can use my own skills...Limitless encouraged me to see my strengths and use them to benefit others. Meeting other people who all have the potential to make such a difference in our world was really awesome too. Limitless conference was truly inspiring and I think it’s an opportunity we were all incredibly lucky to have! Thank you so much.

- Elisa, Middleton Grange School

2018 2
2018 3