I arrived having no clue about what I was passionate about but left feeling confident that with all the tips and points I had heard during the two days, that I will be able to find a career where I will enjoy what I do. I also made a bunch of amazing new friends who share similar passions to me. I also really enjoyed reading through my top five for the Strengths Finder and unpacking them. I will definitely highly recommend Limitless Conference to others!!


Limitless was life changing for our students, hosting engaging speakers that connected well with our tamariki and inspiring them to be the change they want to see in the world. It allowed them to connect with peers their own age and challenge their assumptions on the world to move forward with vigour and passion. I would recommend Limitless to any group of students who are moving out into the world and attempting to engage with who they are as people.

- Jono Broom, Kaiarahi, Haeata
Community Campus

Limitless Conference provided my students with a vibrant environment that inspired, challenged and encouraged them.
The young people who attended came away buzzing with an understanding of their values, strengths and how they could use these to build their passion and purpose into careers that address the issues surrounding them. Seeing students interact with their peers across the region in such a meaningful way as they figured out more about themselves and others was so encouraging for me as a Dean of Year 10.

-Lydia Mills, Year 10 Dean, Craighead
Diocesan School

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