Limitless Online Course

Limitless Online is our e-learning course for Year 10 students that builds confidence, self awareness and greater agency for pathways to work.

Developed in 2020 in response to lockdowns, this new course is now a powerful and meaningful new resource for schools.

Through the course, students are equipped with the frameworks to identify their transferable skills and values, tools
for their school journey and access information on potential career pathways.

The course includes modules covering seven key topics. The course can be completed from 5 weeks to across a full school year, fitting flexibly into your school programme.

I found it very useful. I
honestly think all year 10s
should have the option to
do this. It is so beneficial
and I learnt so much. I
feel a lot safer and
relaxed about my career
now (not that I won’t still
work hard!)

I feel like this course made
me less stressed about the
future. Through this course, I
have been able to think
rationally and maturely
when thinking about future
careers. It helped me to
kind of take it one step at a
time and really reflect on
my strengths, values, and

I absolutely loved this
course. It has really
helped me be intentional
about what I want to work
as but also why I want to
do it & how my values
play out in that role.


Limitless Online: $25/student incl GST

Get in contact for pricing solutions for your school group. Limited free of cost places are available thanks to our generous supporters.

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