Our Pilot

In February we ran a first pilot of the Limitless event at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery school. The pilot was a 2 half-day programme that included 3 workshops and 3 talks from speakers. The workshops were on “Finding your Passion” “Strengths Finder” and “Goal Setting”. 18 students participated. Here are a couple of our testimonials:

Pilot 1

“I gained a lot from Limitless, hearing all the speakers talk about how they got to where they are was very interesting and gave me hope that anything can be achieved if you try hard enough. I am excited to see other people use this course and see it become bigger and better. I can see a good future with Limitless helping other students find where they want to go and what they want to get out of life. I learnt more about what I was passionate about and how I should use that passion to turn it into something that I can gain things from. Limitless helped me become more aware of what I want to do after I finish school and I will use what I learnt to help me get there. I hope to do a Diploma in Business Studies at CPIT next year and setting goals and seeing how my strengths match that is making me more excited to start. I really want to have my own business when I am older so seeing how others started up their own business and companies helped me see how the process is done to get to where I want to be.”

- Alena

Pilot 2

“I gained so much inspiration from attending the Limitless programme. Just from listening to all the amazing speakers and how they started from nothing to get where they are today made me more confident and gave me a push to not be quiet and do what I want to do. It taught me to not throw a talent or something I wanted to do in the future away because I could actually enjoy it and be pretty good at it if I gave it enough practice and thought… The skills I have gained from Limitless are pretty great for what I’m wanting to do in the future. I have been taught how to set appropriate goals and how to take small steps to achieve larger goals which I have been using every day since.”

- Journey

The pilot was generously supported by Kiwibank and the Christchurch Youth Council. The workshop facilitators and speakers gave their time to make the pilot happen. We are so grateful for the incredible support.